Customs clearance of cars from Korea and Japan

Cars from Asian countries are popular due to their quality and relatively low price. True, buyers face difficulties in transportation, and especially if you need to clear customs cars from Asia.

Legalization and execution of necessary papers are complicated: because of this, people abandon the idea of buying a car from Asia. The specialists of Star Trans Logistic are engaged in customs clearance of cars from Japan and Korea. The client only needs to pay the fee and work of the employees.


How much is a customs clearance of a car from Japan

Calculating the final amount, take into account:

  • year of manufacture of the machine;

  • cost;

  • type, engine displacement.

It doesn't matter where the car was brought from: the import duty will be 10%. Necessarily paid and VAT - 20%. When importing electric vehicles, they do not pay for it - the law on this is valid until 2022.

An additional tax must also be paid - excise duty. To calculate the exact amount, use the online calculator on the site. If difficulties arise, managers will help you figure out how much it costs to clear a car from Korea in a particular case. The translation of foreign currency into hryvnias is carried out at the NBU rate, current on the day of submission of documents.


Required documents

The procedure requires:

  • data sheet;

  • invoice

  • copies of the payment certificate for the payment of the vehicle (preferably), export declaration;

  • passport;

  • TIN;

  • certificate from the manufacturer.

Papers must be filled correctly. Most of the troubles in the process of registration happens due to errors, inaccuracy of the specified data.


How long does customs clearance take

Customs clearance of a car from Korea in Ukraine takes place in a period of 2 to 3 business days. This period may increase if the car does not meet the requirements accepted in the country. It is recommended that you obtain a certificate of conformity before customs clearance begins. You can speed up the customs clearance process by contacting the services of a customs broker that are provided by our company.

Customs may be cleared at the place of residence of the citizen or at the border. This will be done faster in your city: for this you need to issue a preliminary declaration, and then pick up the car.

In order to clear customs vehicles, you will have to spend a lot of time on registration and collection of documents. Our experts can help with this: they know about all the nuances of customs clearance of cars from Japan to Ukraine. Employees will take care of all the problems and solve problems that may arise during customs clearance of the machine.

Calculation of customs payments

(calculator for 2020)


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