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When exporting or importing a car, there may be situations that are difficult to resolve on their own. It is important to take into account the nuances of registration, legal requirements. Star Trans Logistic LLC provides services of a broker for customs clearance of a car. It operates officially on the basis of a license from the Customs and State Border Service.

Calculation of car customs clearance from USA

Why choose us?
Low prices
Low prices
Star Trans Logistics cooperates with the largest auctions in America, the fees for our clients are quite low, so the cost of bringing a car from the USA remains pleasant.
Profitable offers
Profitable offers
It's profitable. Employees of Star Trans Logistic watch various auctions every day, they know exactly where and when it is more profitable to buy a car. The cost of the company's services will make you happy, too.
Guarantee of quality
Guarantee of quality
Thanks to our extensive experience, we can execute transactions quickly and with minimal risk. Our specialists constantly analyze the market so that customers receive only quality cars.
Hundreds of satisfied customers
Hundreds of satisfied customers
Happy clients from Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepr, Lvov, Zaporozhye. The firm is engaged in bringing cars from the USA more than 15 years, in ratings of the companies we stand on the first places. Reviews speak for themselves - you can trust us.
Staff brokers and freight forwarders
Staff brokers and freight forwarders
A state made up of real professionals. We do not hire external brokers and freight forwarders, all these specialists are employees of the company, who have been working here for many years.
Delivery control
Delivery control
Our port forwarders will make sure that the parts are delivered safely and unloaded according to all the rules.
Order car selection under preferential customs clearance
Order car selection under preferential customs clearance
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They ask us
An experienced car broker saves your resources. Fully supports customs clearance: from application to payment of duties. According to the feedback of the broker for customs clearance car will help to avoid penalties, collect documents, accelerate the receipt of goods.
We conclude a formal contract for the provision of brokerage services for customs clearance of cars. It fixes the rights, obligations, amount and procedure of payment, other conditions at the request of the parties.
The cost of the broker's services during the car customs clearance depends on the amount of cargo, the size of duties and deadlines. You can get exact information about the cost from your manager or through online calculator.
Star Trans Logistic office is located in Odessa. The best brokers work from different cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr, Lviv, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa.
Customs broker for car customs clearance - a guarantee of receiving the cargo without delays. "Star Trans Logistics" provides: 1) qualitative filling of documents according to the requirements of the law; 2) selection of optimal procedures and control over them; 3) legal support. The broker is materially responsible for its actions. He has the right to make payments for the client.

Who are we?

Car brokers are legal entities that help the public to process vehicles moving across borders for commercial or personal purposes. The service is provided on the basis of a surety agreement. The document must specify the types of actions to be performed, as well as the terms, their price and responsibility of the parties.

Star Trans Logistics Ltd is one of the best enterprises offering brokerage services in car customs clearance in Ukraine. Support is carried out from the very entrance of transport in the country up to its full legalization on the territory. Our experts take part in cargo check together with representatives of customs. 

Do you need a broker for customs clearance of a car from the USA?

Do you really need assistance at the borders of your vehicle? Customs brokerage services make it much easier to legalize a vehicle in a country.

We offer:

  1. determination of TN FEA codes of the vehicle;
  2. calculation of forthcoming payments;
  3. assistance in declaring and making inventories;
  4. submission of declarations.

The autobroker - concern without which it is possible to manage, but rather problematic. If it would be desirable quickly, qualitatively and reliably to solve all questions connected with customs paperwork, it is not necessary to act independently. Addressing a third party is the right way to easily cross the border and competently draw up the CU.

How to find a suitable company?

How to find a broker for car customs clearance? The question of search and selection is treated with care. Wrong step - and problems with the movement of vehicles are ensured.

You can find it:

  1. On the Internet. In these circumstances, it is recommended to carefully study the existing ratings and user feedback.
  2.  By "sundered radio". You can advise the appropriate company, which will be checked personally by colleagues or acquaintances.
  3. Through ads in social networks and newspapers.

The first reception is gaining momentum. In the network you can find an intermediary firm, see the rating of relevant proposals, learn a lot of useful information about organizations, learn about different problems and ways to solve them in one case or another.

What to pay attention to when choosing?

The help of an intermediary is the key to the fast and successful clearance of transport that crosses borders. When choosing an appropriate company, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Feedback from clients. There are always many positive and detailed responses about a good mediator. You should not trust short reviews without specifics.
  2. Office location. They should be close to the place of service. That would be a big advantage.
  3. The reputation of the firm. The lower it is, the worse the organization works. The exception is newly formed teams.
  4. Availability on the registry. A customs broker for car customs clearance must be entered in the state register. The absence of a firm on the list is a reason to refuse further cooperation.
  5. Hardware and software available to the organization. A car customs broker must have the necessary equipment and seals for servicing.
  6. Tariffs. The cost of the car customs broker's services must be available. The intermediary must provide a full list of services with prices.

Familiarize yourself with the reputation of the company and its history before ordering the service. Such procedures must be performed by competent specialists. Otherwise, there is a risk of problems. With us you can forget about the difficulties of customs clearance once and for all.

After the delivery of the car from the U.S. to Odessa and registration can pick up the car at the port or order transportation around the country. When transporting, observe the rules of attachment, cars from the U.S. are not damaged on the road and come as in the photo.

Delivery of cars from the USA is much easier than most customers think. All they have to do is select the right model, determine the price ceiling, then buy the car and deliver it to a convenient location. There is no need to make customs paperwork yourself - everything is as simple and fast as possible, it remains to put the vehicle on the registration at the place of residence.

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