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American publications regularly analyze the most popular cars in the country. The assessment involved vehicles that have passed a test drive, security control and received quality certificates. Choose the best vehicle made by category. Recent data showed a rating of US crossovers. For half a century, such models have been in constant demand in America and are valued for comfort, cross-country ability, convenient functionality.


TOP - 10 best US crossovers

Lexus RX-350

Front-wheel drive SUV with a 2GR-FE engine and an 8-speed robot. The creation of the RX-350 required advanced technology. TS equipped:

  • adjustable adaptive suspension;
  • Lexus Safety System.
  • The SUV is good at bends, it is stable at maximum speed.

Nissan Pathfinder

Modification is available in 4 versions. In a complete set:

  • rear view cameras;
  • 3-season climate control (CC);
  • Upgraded ABS.

Under the hood, a power unit of 284 horses is installed. All-wheel drive transmission with CVT Xtronic CVT.

The crossover copes with driving around the city and tracks.

Kia sorento

It is sold in the United States in three- and five-door versions. Owners note the high cross Korean. The base includes:

  • 4 cylinder engine;
  • 8-speed automatic transmission;
  • LED optics.

After restyling in 2017, the crossover changed its body. Outwardly, he became even more aggressive and presentable. Among the advantages, quality details, a reliable motor, and a serious level of safety are noted.

Toyota RAV4

In the category of popular crossovers in the USA, the 7th place is occupied by the Japanese sports model. This is a luxurious 5-seater car, convenient for family trips. The spacious lounge is equipped with options:

  • audio system with 8 speakers;
  • internet connection.

The 5th generation RAV4 is an updated version with the start of sales in 2018. It is based on the new TNG K platform and expresses a completely different concept. Stamping of the wings, an increase in the grille, sharp corners made it more brutal.

Jeep Cherokee 2018

The crossover has become popular due to its optimal cost, rich interior, powerful exterior and good driving performance. Restyling was carried out in 2018. In the updated version:

  • UConnect 4 software
  • USB port
  • touchscreen.

Four-wheel drive transmission is available in 3 versions (front-wheel drive in the base). The power unit is available in three varieties - a turbodiesel and 2 gasoline.

Application for quick selection of a car

Ford explorer

This 7-seater SUV has increased cross-country ability. It is considered the most successful and best-selling for the concern. It has a rich history, which began in 1990 from an angular SUV to the 2020 image in the 3.5 AT XLT configuration with:

  • V6 gasoline engine up to 270 hp;
  • 5 interior options;
  • AEV, ABS.

Honda CR-V

A true leader on the road. Thanks to the dynamics and maneuverability, the crossover gives a sense of superiority. In the American market, the most popular CR-V in the 5th generation with engines:

  • 2.4 L aspirated to 188 horses;
  • turbo V., 5 in 193 h.p.

The database has a minimum of options, in a car at a more expensive price, there are:

  • 2-zone QC;
  • touch electric drive, etc.

Chevrolet Equinox

The brand has become popular with Americans due to the following characteristics:

  • acceleration dynamics;
  • high ground clearance;
  • large roominess of the cabin and trunk;
  • reliability;
  • comfort;
  • high degree of security.

Ford Escape

The first crossover with a hybrid engine. Compared to others, it is considered more economical and environmentally friendly.

Appreciated for comfort, roomy trunk, ease of driving. From the first appearance, he won the nickname of the most technologically advanced SUV, not only in America but throughout the world.

Nissan Rogue

1st place in the ranking of SUVs in the United States given to Japanese cars. Objectively, the modification is ahead of time. Already in the basic equipment there is ProPilot Assist technology, which allows you to:

  • to enter even sharp turns;
  • inform the driver about the condition of the road;
  • accelerate and brake automatically.

Attention worthy and interior equipment:

  • rear view cameras;
  • automated climate control;
  • touchscreen.

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