Certification of a car in Ukraine

Certification of a car from the USA from the company "Star Trans Logistics" is an opportunity to quickly get a certificate of compliance with European safety standards. We work with all regions of Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepr, Lvov, Zaporozhye and others.
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Cars delivered from America must obtain a certificate of compliance with European safety standards (Euro 5) and environmental standards (Euro 2). Requirements for cars in Europe and America are insignificant, but differ. Most often it concerns: light optics; speed scale; toning. For example, Americans are allowed to completely tint the windshield, but not in Europe.
Certification of cars from America is our task. Certification of cars from Europe - too. In our state there are brokers, who deal with customs clearance, they also help with the certificate. It is difficult to do it yourself, it is better to entrust it to professionals.
On average, a car customs clearance procedure takes from 2 to 7 days.
How much does it cost to certify cars from the U.S. - is decided individually and depends on the car, the number of environmental impact assessments. The average cost of certification in our company - 6000 UAH.
If the machine does not meet the certificate requirements, it must be converted to meet European standards. Preparation of the machine is carried out by our masters in the shortest possible time, after which certification of American cars in Ukraine will be easy and fast.
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Certification of vehicles from America

In order to be able to fully use vehicles from America, you need to get certified cars from the USA in Ukraine. Put it on record without this will not work.

After the car arrives at the port and all necessary duties are paid, repairs are usually required. For example, if the internal combustion engine does not work, they may refuse to obtain a certificate of conformity for a vehicle. The fact is that the Euro-5 standard is determined taking into account the chemical composition of the exhaust gases, and this is considered the main part of the internal combustion engine.

Certification of a car from the USA is possible for vehicles that are completely safe both for the environment and for road users. Often, for the registration of cars in Ukraine, it is necessary to convert them.

To pass the certification of a car from the USA in Ukraine, you need to check whether the lighting system is working, if all devices are available. The same applies to turn signals, headlights, as well as rear brake lights. For discharge lamps, the headlight washer glass should be switched on in time, if any, the tilt of the light beam should be adjusted. Many modern vehicles have a similar function by default. The power button should have a status indicator for the rear PTF.

For certification, cars from the USA in Ukraine must comply with a single standard for vehicle registration to be successful. As a rule, certification of a car from the USA takes up to 2 days. The price of such a procedure depends on the amount of work. The specialists of Star Trans Logistic will solve all the issues - you don’t have to take care of anything on your own, while the prices for our services are lower than market prices.

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