Customs clearance of cars in Ukraine: as much as it costs and what problems you can face

Any car brought in from the U.S. requires a toll. Therefore, people have a quite logical question: how much does it cost to customs clearance a new car? The second question is related to the time of execution of all procedures.


Where to calculate the tax value

When determining the amount payable at customs, such information shall be taken into account:

  • year of car release;
  • engine volume;
  • the price of the car in US dollars;
  • engine type.

The import duty is 10%, and a VAT tax of 20% is also provided. To quickly find out the final amount for payment, use the online calculator, which is available on the main page of our website. It is important to note that tariffs change every year, so use only the current calculator for 2020. You can also order a free calculation from our managers. So you find out the exact amount of how much customs clearance costs.


How long does it take for customs clearance

It all depends on the option of the procedure itself and your speed. On average, the procedure takes between 48 hours and 72 hours provided the documentation is submitted on time. To speed up customs clearance, many people hire brokers - intermediaries between the customs office itself and the client. The broker assumes all the responsibilities for the clearance of the vehicle.

Customs clearance conditions are of two types: at the place of residence or at the border. To save time, choose the first option. In order for customs to miss the car, you need to file a Preliminary Declaration (PD) with the customs authority and pay the invoice issued by the customs on the filing date of such a declaration. The client is issued documentation that allows you to pick up the car. Further clearance is carried out at home.


What kind of difficulties can you fac

90% of the problems are due to incorrectly completed documents. Troubles often happen when, for certain reasons, false information about the car is indicated in the declaration. The broker will help to exclude troubles: he will precisely fill in all documents correctly.

The other point is car certification. An experienced broker knows what standards the car does not meet Ukrainian requirements (it can be, for example, the headlights or color of rear lights). The certificate of conformity of the individual approved wheeled vehicle is recommended to be obtained before the start of the customs clearance process. The document contains information about the environmental standard of the machine, the country of production and the manufacturer, year of manufacture.
As you can see, customs clearance takes time and effort. With the submission of documents should not be delayed, otherwise the whole process will be delayed for an indefinite period. If possible, it is better to contact a customs broker. He will provide the final result of the work as soon as possible. Also, the broker will solve for you possible problems with documents.

Order a car under preferential customs clearance
Order a car under preferential customs clearance
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