Turn-key electric vehicles

НOur company sells electric cars from the USA at competitive prices. The electric car from the United States is known for quality, power, technical specifications and low power consumption. With the help of such a car, you save because you do not consume fuel, but electricity - one of the cheapest sources of energy that does not pollute the environment. We offer to buy an electric car from the USA in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, Zaporizhia and other cities of Ukraine. Evaluate the benefits of such a vehicle.
The advantages of an electric car
You will significantly reduce fuel consumption. On average, per 100 km. owners of gasoline cars spend 250 UAH. for refueling. And having bought an electric car from the USA in Ukraine, you will spend 5 times less
VAT and customs duty canceled on electric cars
VAT and customs duty canceled on electric cars
Minimum costs for driving an electric vehicle - until 2022 the duty and VAT are canceled. The only thing that you have to pay for customs clearance of electric cars is the excise tax (1 euro per 1 kW, which is 50-200 euros per car)
Wide network of power plants
Wide network of power plants
A wide network of power plants. In Ukraine, more than 2000 power plants for charging electric cars and their number is growing every day, which allows you to charge your car in almost every parking lot
Maintenance costs are minimal
Maintenance costs are minimal
You do not have to carry out engine maintenance with the replacement of oil, additives, filters, spark plugs, oil seals and other consumables
Silent and speed
Silent and speed
Silent operation of the engine and a quick set of the necessary speed even at minimum speed
Caring for the environment
Caring for the environment
Sustainability and caring for the environment through the use of electricity and the reduction of harmful emissions and pollution
Application for quick selection of a car
They ask us
By buying, you save up to 40% of the cost of similar models produced in other countries. There is a profitable customs clearance of an electric car in Ukraine - the price does not increase for VAT or customs duty. You pay only the excise tax (1 euro per 1 kW).
For customs clearance of electric cars made in America, only the excise tax is paid for each kW (from the calculation of 1 euro per 1 kW). You will not incur any other expenses (including customs duty and VAT) when crossing the border until 2022.
Maintenance of the engine of such a car is cheaper compared to an internal combustion engine. You save on fuel (energy costs are 85% less than on gasoline or diesel) and do not spend money on changing oil, consumables and engine maintenance.
Spare parts and consumables for American electric cars can be ordered both in the USA, and in Europe and in Ukraine. Use the specialized stores or leave a request on the site, for calculation on a special calculator.
The minimum budget for a turnkey electric car purchase from America is 9,000 US dollars.
Bring your electric car
Bring your electric car
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Electric car - eco-friendly and budget transport

The issue of ecology is one of the most pressing today. The increase in the number of gasoline cars in the last decade has contributed to the deterioration of nature: air pollution, increased greenhouse effect, destruction of climate and the environment. Therefore, our country, as well as other countries, increases the requirements for monitoring the content of harmful toxic substances in the exhaust fumes of cars. There is a growing demand for custom electric vehicles from the U.S. as an alternative means of transportation.

Why should you buy an electric car

Prices for maintenance of gasoline cars, for fuel are constantly increasing. A car with electricity will help to save money on maintenance, repair and other components of transport operation. The cost of an electric car in the U.S. at auctions is 20-30% lower than the average market price, which makes the purchase more attractive. The cost of customs clearance of electric cars will be only an excise duty of 1 euro per 1 kW.

The minus of a car on an electric motor is considered to be the speed limits compared to gasoline and a smaller power reserve. But this will be significant in the case of travel outside the city and over long distances. For daily city travel, an electric car from the USA is the best option. Even at a higher price compared to traditional cars, the cost of travel is reduced by 4-5 times.

Customs clearance of electric cars from Star Trans Logistic Ltd.

Take care of your own health and the environment: order an electric car from the USA through our company. Specialists will help you buy an electric car from the U.S. in Ukraine in the right configuration at a low price and make delivery of cars with electric motor. Although the customs clearance of electric cars in Ukraine by procedures, payments are as simple as possible for car owners, you should take into account the nuances and subtleties of importing cars into the country. We guarantee it:

  1. carrying out procedures in accordance with the law in a short time;
  2. consultation and support at all stages of customs clearance of electric car;
  3. transparency of pricing for services.

Leave your application on the website or by phone. Personal manager will calculate the cost of customs clearance of electric car from the U.S. in Ukraine of the selected equipment, will provide a report on the time of passage of procedures, the necessary payments. Estimate the advantages of using the car with an electric motor: save your budget and enjoy the trip.

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