Customs clearance of a damaged car in Ukraine: features and procedures

The popularity of foreign cars has always been high. They are famous for build quality, ease of use. Used cars are presented in better conditions than used cars in Ukraine. Customs clearance of a damaged car in Ukraine is included in the range of services provided by Star Trans Logistic LLC.

Customs clearance of a damaged car in Ukraine: features and procedures

Features of the purchase of a damaged car

Such a purchase will cost 30-40% cheaper, despite the innovations in the legislation on customs clearance in 2020. The price reduction is due to the fact that the sale of damaged cars is carried out through open insurance auctions.

The insurance company estimates the cost of repairs. If the amount is significant (more than 50% of the amount for a new car), then the sale is cheaper. It is important to get the maximum amount of damage information from the seller in order to understand what problems will need to be fixed and the cost of repair work and spare parts must be preliminarily laid.  

And here you can not do without the help of a customs broker who has experience in importing beaten cars into Ukraine. If you do this yourself, then you risk getting the unit "not on the go", with hidden defects. The company will clarify the nuances of the condition, request a technical examination, photos of the damage.

Customs clearance procedure for a damaged car

The procedure for importing such a machine is complicated and does not always go without delay. To pass the control, the following documentation will be required:

  1. Invoice (invoice, deed of purchase, DCT);
  2. Linear bill of lading;
  3. Home bill of lading;
  4. Port outfit;
  5. Title (Technical passport);
  6. Certificate of transportation costs;
  7. Conclusion of an expert auto-merchandising study to determine the market value of a car that is imported into the customs territory of Ukraine (Valuation expertise);
  8. Agreement on the provision of customs broker services;
  9. Passport of a citizen of Ukraine with a mark on registration of a place of residence in Ukraine or permanent residence (permanent residence permit);
  10. Certificate of TIN assignment;
  11. Act of physical examination;
  12. Certificate for customs clearance on the compliance of Euro cars with a standard of at least Euro-2;
  13. Application for issuing a certificate of registration of a vehicle;
  14. Receipt of payment of customs duties.

The list of documents may scare you away, but do not worry, the customs broker will take care of all the documents.

Specialists of Star Trans Logistic LLC take into account all the subtleties and requirements of the law during the procedures, will help determine how much it costs to bring a purchased car to the country.

For damaged cars, the customs value is lower, which means that the amount of taxes and fees will be less than for a serviceable car. Therefore, it is important to correctly draw up a declaration with the application of images of damage taken from the auction base, as well as made by the forwarder himself. Delivery of the purchase is carried out within 35-60 days from the date of conclusion of the contract and the purchase of a car at auction.

Benefits of working with us

We provide favorable conditions for cooperation, save time, help to avoid penalties and errors.

By contacting Star Trans Logistic LLC you get:

  • The help of an experienced broker, legal advice on all issues.
  • Registration of a full package of documents, taking into account the characteristics of the imported car, ordering additional certificates and certificates (for example, on the class of environmental friendliness, compliance with the VIN code).
  • Calculations of taxes and fees for payment at customs, customs clearance estimates.
  • The formal contract for the provision of services with fixing of essential conditions.

Closing a deal on time.

Leave a request by phone or through the feedback form on the website, and the manager will contact you shortly.

Entrust the process of customs clearance of damaged cars to professionals.

Favorable conditions for dealers
Favorable conditions for dealers


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