Car delivery from USA

Need to deliver a car from America?

So you need Star Trans Logistic. We will select, buy, deliver, customs clearance and register your car. We work all over Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, Zaporizhia and other cities.

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It is carried out in two stages: 1. by land; 2. by sea. From the auction site, we transport the car to the port of America, where it combines with 3 more cars in a container, forming a groupage cargo. Delivery by sea should be in one of the ports of Odessa. Turnkey delivery of cars from America is organized; your participation at these stages is not required.
Forwarding includes the following steps: Coordination of work on unloading; Removing the car from the fasteners and unloading. Inspection Transfer to a customs broker for subsequent customs clearance. The staff of Star Trans Logistic has its own brokers and forwarders who know how to deliver a car from the USA to Ukraine.
Car delivery from America depends on which American port it will come from. On average, the passage of all stages (from choosing a car and buying to handing the keys to the owner) is 35-60 days. The longest stage: sea. You need to be patient for this period.
The cost consists of two parts: land stage. Depends on how far the car will travel from the place of purchase to the port and on what (train, car transporter). The auction rating in America includes more than 1,500 titles. Amount of expenses: from 300 to 600 dollars; stage by sea. Depends on the port of dispatch. Average price: 900-1200 dollars. The total amount of expenses includes these amounts.
Yes, we have very favorable conditions for cooperation with dealers. Our manager will inform you in detail about the conditions.
The calculation of car delivery from the USA is carried out by Star Trans Logistic employees. Request a call back - our managers will contact you. Tell them the following details: make of the car, its size and characteristics; prospective city of purchase; cost of a car. You will make a calculation: how much does it cost to deliver your car.
Initially, cars are delivered from the USA to the Odessa port. After carrying out the procedure of intra-port forwarding and customs clearance, the car is delivered to any point in Ukraine.
You can easily find out where your car is located - just call our manager, who will provide you with all the information.
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Why us?

Car delivery from the U.S. is a great solution that allows you to buy fresh models at prices lower than in Europe, even with transportation costs. In America it is real to find almost any modification, due to the mild climate in many states the body will be almost perfect. The set is often richer than in Europe, it concerns even economy class.

The company has been delivering cars from the USA to Ukraine for 14 years, the process is fine-tuned to details. It is possible to receive the information interesting, experts will prompt optimum variants, will consult on what to consider under the budget. When there are specific preferences, they will tell you where to look for or select several lots to choose from.

It is recommended to choose the transport without rushing, to consider several cars to compare the state of the lots you like, the terms of delivery of the car from the U.S.. If you have any questions, it is better to contact the manager, it will avoid problems that often occur because of the fact that important nuances are not specified.

Customers always know how much it costs to deliver a car from the U.S. to Ukraine, they get the calculations, taking into account customs duties, additional costs and no extra charges. The actual amount is known after the purchase, when the road costs are calculated and the dispatch point is known. You can specify the price tags in advance and choose the place of purchase so that transportation costs are cheaper.

How does the process work?

The process usually takes up to 2 months from the time of purchase at the auction, most often less. It is better to plan the purchase in advance, so that the car arrived at the right time, and to make at least a small amount of time in case of unforeseen circumstances and delays in the processing of papers. Keep in mind that you may not find the best solution quickly.

After the delivery of the car from the U.S. to Odessa and registration can pick up the car at the port or order transportation around the country. When transporting, observe the rules of attachment, cars from the U.S. are not damaged on the road and come as in the photo.

Delivery of cars from the USA is much easier than most customers think. All they have to do is select the right model, determine the price ceiling, then buy the car and deliver it to a convenient location. There is no need to make customs paperwork yourself - everything is as simple and fast as possible, it remains to put the vehicle on the registration at the place of residence.

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