Volkswagen Jetta: why you should buy a car at US auctions

Fans of compact sedans should definitely pay attention to the Volkswagen Jetta. You don't have to buy the newest version. Even a used car is a great option, because the build quality guarantees a long service life, even with high mileage. However, residents of Ukraine may face one problem - the limited choice of models in the domestic market. But it's easy to solve! You just need to order a Volkswagen Jetta from the USA.


Car selection

Despite the fact that this car brand belongs to the German auto industry, it is very popular in America. This is proved, for example, by the fact that the release of the fifth generation and the start of sales here began earlier than in Europe. The choice is also wide enough. For example, the sixth generation of a car is represented by four engine options. Therefore, buying a Volkswagen Jetta from the USA means getting a car that sellers in the country will definitely not have.

However, drivers who want to buy a Volkswagen Jetta from the USA on their own face many problems. Cars are sold through special auctions, for participation in which you need to know the conditions for holding events and a foreign language at a high level. In addition, it is required not only to buy a used Volkswagen Jetta from the USA in Ukraine, but also to deliver it from abroad, issue the accompanying documentation, and make customs clearance.

Dealing with such difficulties is easier than it seems. You just need to contact a professional customs broker for the services!


Full support from "Star Trans Logistic"

We provide a full range of services for the purchase of a Volkswagen Jetta from the USA on a turnkey basis:

  • We help you decide on the Volkswagen model - we talk about the cars presented, guided by the reviews of the owners of such vehicles.
  • We are looking for the most profitable offer at the auction, we help to arrange a deal and buy a Volkswagen Jetta from the USA.
  • We check the technical condition of the car. If necessary, we select and deliver the spare parts needed for repair.
  • We will organize a drive to any locality. We work with clients in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Lvov, Dnipro - all over Ukraine!
  • We take care of the execution of all accompanying documentation.
  • We organize customs clearance of a car.
  • We put the vehicle on record.

We guarantee complete security of the transaction, we carefully monitor the safety of the purchased goods. The best prices from a reliable customs broker in 2020 are already waiting for you!

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