Autocheck: service for checking cars from the USA

If you are thinking about purchasing a car, then you probably want to become the owner of a high-quality model and not overpay for hidden defects. But how to check it if the deal is in another country? Special services help in this. For example, the AutoCheck platform provides information about American transportation.


What is AutoCheck?

AutoCheck - an automotive database from America, Canada and Puerto Rico, it allows you to check cars from the United States by the wine code. It contains information about sales, about when the registration was and operation began, what kind of maintenance was there, whether there were accidents, or whether service work was carried out. Data comes from auctions, insurance and other independent companies, processors, car dumps, vehicle departments, police stations and emergency management agencies.


How is the check in Autocheck by wine

To check through AutoCheck, you will need a car wines. VIN-code is an encrypted message about the production of vehicles. Consists of latin letters and numbers. It includes three sections: country of origin, engine type, model range. Assigned by the final manufacturer and is the identification number of the machine. The analysis takes place in three steps:

  1. You enter VIN in AutoCheck through a special form. Without paying the cost of the service, you will see the brand and model, year of release and the number of records available on the site.

  2. Pay for the order. The service takes a commission for itself, so the price does not depend on the choice of a payment system.

  3. Get the result in the mail.

Databases are updated daily. Users receive reliable information. At the end of the report is a glossary explaining the basic concepts.


Report Composition

After checking the wine according to AutoCheck you will receive a complete description of the car. The platform scores on a 100-point scale, this helps to compare products with each other. It takes into account age, class, mileage, number of owners, incidents that have occurred. A vehicle is considered problematic if its rating is 70-80 or lower. The general characteristic consists of the following sections:

  • Analysis of problems. This includes defects, loss of insurance, sale on the gray market, mileage twisting, and delivery for disassembly.

  • Odometer Check. The dates and indications of the device when taking the mileage are indicated.

  • Nature of use. It is indicated whether the vehicle was rented, as part of a car fleet, in the police and taxi, whether there were hijackings and thefts.

  • Full story. Owners, sales dates, list of all accidents.

The service has some disadvantages. Firstly, it records only calls to official service centers. During the warranty period, this is mandatory, and after its end, many owners choose small workshops where data is not recorded. If you decide to check such a vehicle on Autocheck, the odometer can be underestimated.

In some situations, the result is worse than it actually is. For example, getting into a storm and hitting a stone in a windshield are incidents that are recorded in history the same, but affect the state differently. In the second case, the score will be reduced, although the transport has no serious defects.

If you are not an expert in automobiles, sorting out a report yourself, choosing a good product and delivering it to your home country will not be easy. To make your task easier, turn to professionals, for example, at Star Trans Logistic. We take care of all the work: we participate in tenders, bring purchases to Ukraine and draw up all the documents. People who work with us are sure that they will get a good car without any delays or difficulties.

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