Pickup trucks from the USA

The American pickup truck is a versatile vehicle for the city and off-road. It is convenient to transport materials, tools, bulky items in an open body. An off-road vehicle looks stylish and expensive.


Features of pickups from America

Almost all high-quality used pickups come from America, since this is the birthplace of a car with such a constructive base. In the US, the pickup truck is a workhorse, family car, and the main mode of transport for commercial enterprises.


American cars are significantly different from their counterparts from other countries: Japan, Singapore, Europe. In America, they love impressive size and high speed, so pickup trucks from the USA always meet three criteria:

  • body length - from 5 m;
  • engine volume - from 5 liters;
  • weight - from 2 tons.

In American cars, a lot of attention is paid to comfort, even in the basic configuration there is cruise control, heated seats, parking sensors and other options.


Pickup manufacturers from America

Today the market is divided between six major auto concerns:

  • "Ford" with the "F" series, which has been produced since 1947;
  • Chevrolet and GMC are powerful cars, built on the same base, with similar technical characteristics, but different designs;
  • RAM, combining models "Dodge", "Fiat", "Chrysler";
  • Toyota - there are factories of the Japanese concern in America, where versions of Tundra and Tacoma are produced for the domestic market;
  • "Nissan" - is less and less in demand, because they receive negative reviews from Americans for comfort and insufficient power.

To find out how much a car of the selected model costs, taking into account all costs, it is enough to leave a request on the Star Trans Logistic website. The consultant will tell you about the conditions, formalities, prices. The company is engaged not only in bringing cars from America, but also in customs clearance, certification, legalization and purchase of original spare parts.


How to buy a used pickup from the USA and get it right

It is quite difficult to buy pick-ups from the USA profitably in Ukraine because of the laws in force during customs clearance. They are subject to high prices due to capacity.

Star Trans Logistic knows how to save on delivery in 2020. Pick-ups from the USA to Ukraine with an engine of 5 liters or more are distilled like trucks. To do this, the pickup should look like a truck, that is, the body length should be more than 50% of the wheelbase.

When registering, volume tariffs do not apply, so customs clearance will be cheaper. But such a number will not work with the Cadillac Escalade Pickup, Chevrolet Avalanche, Ford F-150 Raptor, RAM Rebel - at the border they are clearly identified as passenger cars. Cars less than 3 liters pass well as passenger cars without significant overpayments.

On the Star Trans Logistic website you can buy a pickup truck from the USA in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lvov and other cities of Ukraine at a bargain price. Experienced consultants will help you choose an open-body SUV of the desired model, configuration, power, make a preliminary cost estimate, and tell you about all the nuances of the purchase.

Calculation of customs payments

(calculator for 2020)


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