Buy auto parts from the USA

Any car sometimes needs spare parts: filters get clogged, headlights break, brakes fail. In the case of domestic models, it is easy to solve the problem - just go to the nearest auto shop and buy the necessary components. It's more difficult with foreign cars. The solution is to buy spare parts for cars from America.


Where to buy spare parts for cars from America

It may seem to you that buying parts for American cars from America is not a good idea. You need to look for shops, deal with the delivery and legalization of goods. But this purchase option has many advantages:

  • the assortment in American stores is wider. You can find components for rare car models and study the offers of different sites to choose the right one for the price.
  • auto parts are shipped from another continent, but the delivery time is short.
  • the price of most spare parts is 2-3 times lower than in Ukraine. Even taking into account the cost of delivery, it is more profitable to buy used spare parts for cars from the USA.
  • Suppliers run sales where the most popular products (batteries, brake pads, filters) are offered at a deep discount.

When choosing a product, first of all pay attention to eBay Motors. This is the largest auction where you can buy a part at the suggested price or bargain. In case of loss of the parcel, you are guaranteed a return.

Popular dealer - Advance Auto. He often runs sales and issues coupons for certain product categories. And if you're an antique car owner, check out Global Digital Marketing. It sells spare parts for cars from the USA 60-70s. More details can be found on such sites:

  • RockAuto.
  • Baxter AutoParts.
  • ACDelco.
  • AutoZone.

Before buying, be sure to compare the VIN code of your vehicle with the part number. This way you will find suitable body parts for cars from the USA, and not waste your money. The code is located under the glass of the car, and also in the vehicle registration certificate.


Ordering spare parts for cars from the USA in 2020

You can find and buy the necessary components yourself, but this usually takes a lot of time and effort. In addition, any cargo must be cleared through customs - pay duties, draw up documents. It is not easy for a person without specialized education to do this.

Star Trans Logistic will help you in this matter. We have been providing brokerage services for over 10 years, and numerous reviews confirm the professionalism of the company's employees. Our services are selection of spare parts for cars from the USA, control of delivery to Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Lviv or Dnipro) and legalization of cargo at customs. Write to us or order a call back on the website - the manager will tell you how much the delivery costs. Most likely, we will be able to find the conditions that suit you.


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