How to find a broker for customs clearance of cars

Many Ukrainian citizens decide to look for a car not in the country, but abroad, because you can buy a good car without spending a fortune on it. But making and delivering a purchase is not an easy process, it’s more convenient to turn to professionals who will independently solve all problems at an affordable price. The question that concerns motorists is how to find the best broker to buy a car in the USA and Europe.


Where to find a customs broker

Broker - a person or organization offering customs clearance services. The broker is engaged in declarations, calculation of duties, presentation of papers to the customs authorities, certification and storage of goods for the period of legalization. Answering the question of how to find the right broker for customs clearance of cars, we advise you to pay attention to the following points:

  • work experience. The broker must confirm it.
  • provision of logistic services. It is convenient if the broker delivers and processes the goods.
  • consistency in work. A good broker will sign you all the steps of the purchase and customs clearance.
  • risk analysis. The specialist must take into account all possible risks and propose measures to prevent them.
  • realism. The broker will be based on past successful experience, and not offer bold ideas.

How to find an honest customs broker? Be sure to listen to reviews from friends. So you can evaluate how much customs clearance costs, select the appropriate conditions and prices. It is better not to contact private brokers, but to companies: work will go faster, and they provide more guarantees.


Is it possible to clear a car without a broker in 2020?

How to clear a car without a broker - this interests people who are not ready to pay companies for legalization. Now it’s quite possible to clear a car without a broker. For this:

  1. buy a car, fill out a preliminary customs declaration and submit it to customs.
  2. pay all duties by transferring the required amount to the customs account.
  3. after importation, take the car to the control zone and draw up an additional declaration.
  4. If the exchange rate or customs value of the car has changed, add additional funds to the account.
  5. wait for the declaration to be processed, this happens during the day.

If you do not want to deal with customs clearance yourself, then contact Star Trans Logistic. We can not only legalize the car, but also buy it at auction, deliver it to Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Lviv, Dnipro). We work quickly and adapt to your financial capabilities, and only professionals work in our staff. Call us or leave a request on the site, and you will not regret it.

Calculation of customs payments

(calculator for 2020)


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