Ford Fusion from the USA: advantages over Mondeo, the best way of customs clearance

Ford Fusion from the USA is one of the best-selling cars in Ukraine. A midsize sedan that first appeared in 2006. Fusion is an analogue of the European Mondeo model. This car can be classified as a business class.


Advantages over the Ukrainian model

If you want to buy a car from the USA, Ford Fusion is a good solution for those who are used to keeping up with the times. This car has a number of advantages over the European model:

  • improved equipment;
  • soundproofing;
  • build quality.

Residents of Ukraine prefer to buy not new, but used cars from America. The cost of such cars is much lower than that of new ones, and the quality is not worse.


Purchase procedure

Citizens of Ukraine can buy Ford Fusion from the USA independently or through intermediaries. The procedure for purchasing a car from America is carried out in several stages:

  1. The customer chooses a car from the USA - Ford Fusion. The desired configuration is determined.
  2. At the American auction, bids are held.
  3. The machine is checked against AutoCheck and CarFax databases.
  4. If you win, the lot is paid.
  5. Transport and logistics issues are being resolved.
  6. The signing of the necessary contracts is carried out, payment through the bank.
  7. Carrying out, delivery and customs clearance of the vehicle.
  8. The necessary auto certificates for legalization are produced.
  9. A person prepares documents for a car, puts it on record.
  10. Wrecked vehicles are pre-repaired.


Why a broker is good

Self-customs clearance of cars delivers a lot of worries, despite the fact that this procedure has become commonplace in Ukraine. Better to contact brokers. They offer:

  • minimize risks during the transaction;
  • make calculations of expenses;
  • assistance in checking and certifying a car;
  • quick selection and redemption of Ford;
  • full escort of transport to the buyer;
  • repair if necessary.

In 2020, it became possible to turn to dealers providing a turnkey Ford Fusion from the USA. Terms and prices for services vary depending on the provider. How much does Ford customs clearance cost? To clarify the cost in Kyiv, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov is offered through online calculators or from "Star Trans Logistic". We offer redemption, delivery and turnkey customs clearance. You can buy Ford Fusion from the USA in the shortest possible time on favorable terms in Ukraine through our company by specifying the details of cooperation on the website, by e-mail or by phone from the managers.

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