Diesel cars from the USA: advantages, how to better customs clearer

Which engine is better on transport - gasoline or diesel? Or maybe an electric car? The clients of Star Trans Logistic disagreed, choosing a car from America for their own needs. Diesel cars from the USA have a number of advantages, especially over electric cars. They most often find themselves out of competition.


Diesel engine benefits

Diesel cars from the United States are mainly modifications of large vehicles like SUVs, vans, pickups and so on. Passenger models of this kind from the United States are considered rare. However, these cars have several advantages:

  • fuel cheapness;
  • higher reliability resource;
  • Efficiency of a diesel engine is 40% higher, and fuel consumption is 20% less;
  • greater power reserve.

A diesel car from the USA is a vehicle that helps to significantly save the budget. But how to get it?


How is the transaction conducted

Diesel cars from the USA to Ukraine can be delivered at minimal cost. The price of customs clearance, selection of transport and paperwork depends on the selected machine. To calculate it, you can use online calculators or contact the carrier.

The procedure for buying and delivering a diesel car from America takes place in several stages:

  1. The customer picks up a vehicle. The leaders in the catalog of diesel cars from the USA are: BMW X5, Ford Mondeo, Ford Transit, Hyundai Accent, Kia Sportage.
  2. At an American auction held bidding.
  3. A car with a diesel engine is checked on the basis of CarFax and AutoCheck.
  4. The lot is paid after winning.
  5. The regulation of transport and logistics issues.
  6. The necessary contracts are signed, payment is made for diesel through a bank.
  7. The car is delivered to the territory of Ukraine, customs clearance.
  8. A certificate is issued for the legalization of diesel engines.
  9. The buyer draws up the necessary documents for the diesel car, puts it on record.

If the transport is broken, it will have to be repaired before registration actions.


The benefits of customs clearance through a broker

Independent customs clearance of a car is a lot of trouble, despite the fact that the purchase of American cars in Ukraine has become commonplace. Therefore, it is recommended to contact brokers. They:

  • minimize the risks of the buyer;
  • will make the necessary calculations of future expenses;
  • help pass the test and certify the car;
  • quickly pick up and buy a car;
  • will accompany the vehicle throughout the journey;
  • repair a car if necessary.

In 2020, you can contact a dealer who will offer the purchase and customs clearance of cars from the United States "turnkey". The conditions and prices of the services provided depend on the particular provider. How much is diesel customs clearance? You can specify the cost in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro using online calculators or from Star Trans Logistic.

Application for quick selection of a car


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