Chevrolet Camaro from USA

In the car dealerships of Ukraine there is not a wide variety of foreign cars at low prices, and it is almost impossible to find a used car in good condition. Therefore, many drivers are looking for buying options in other countries. Our company is engaged in bringing cars from the USA to Ukraine at affordable prices.

We bring only checked cars in good condition. One of the most popular modern American-made models is the Chevrolet Camaro. We offer to order Chevrolet Camaro from the USA in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lvov and other cities of Ukraine.


Advantages of a car from the USA

The Chevrolet Camaro is a cult American sports car, recognized as the best in its class in the history of the Chevrolet automobile concern. This car occupies a leading position in reliability, according to reviews of owners from around the world.

Advantages of the Chevrolet Camaro from the USA:

  • affordable price: finding a car with such high performance for $ 25,000 (the average cost of a 2019 car) is almost impossible;
  • reinforced high-torque motor;
  • acceleration time to 100 km / h in 5.8-7 seconds;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • mechanical and automatic transmission;
  • complete sports package;
  • “Smart” filling with a well-thought-out electrical system that regulates all internal processes;
  • Safety: Integrated airbags, roll-over protection system, collision warning (on new 2020 models).

Among the characteristics, it is worth noting a powerful engine that makes the sports car dynamic. The new generations of Camaro have an electric sunroof, cruise control, remote start and other innovative solutions that contribute to a comfortable driving experience.


Why is it profitable to buy a Chevrolet Camaro from the USA through Star Trans Logistic

It is impossible to buy "Camaro" in America without involving outside organizations. To order and bring a car from the States, you must have the appropriate citizenship and an import license.

In our company you can buy a "Chevrolet Camaro" from the USA, saving on logistics, customs clearance and delivery services. We undertake all costs and settlement of issues. Experts will help you choose, buy and deliver a Camaro, taking into account the required price.


What is included in the range of our services

We offer a turnkey purchase of “Chevrolet Camaro”. Car registration from the USA is carried out in several stages:

  • consultation and selection of a model;
  • conclusion of a contract;
  • calculating the cost and paying for the car after the auction;
  • fit and customs clearance;
  • transfer of the car to the owner.

How much a Camaro sports car costs depends on the year, configuration and condition. The final price will be announced after the end of the bidding and calculation of logistics costs. All models are insured and checked before being handed over to the client for technical condition. Conditions and offers can be found by phone or on the website.

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